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What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad you can re-arrange or cancel. There is no charge and you will not loose your deposit.


If we book a tour will we be alone?

If there are three of you or more you can request a private tour. If a.n.other requests to join your tour we will discuss it with you first.

If two people want a private tour there will be an additional charge of £5 per head half day and £10 per head full day.


Where do we meet?

We have several meeting points on Dartmoor and will endeavour to choose a location that's convenient for you. We will send you directions prior to your ride.


Can you pick us up and drop us back at our holiday accommodation?

Yes. There will be a small charge to cover fuel.


What do we need to bring?

You will recieve an e-mail the week before your ride with all information relating to this question.


Do you have child seats?

Yes. Up to the age of 4.


Do you supply routes and maps if we are hiring e-bikes? 



What happens if we have a puncture or breakdown? 

We will come and meet you and either fix the problem or bring another bike.


Do you do half day hire?

No. The charge is the same whether you take the bike for two hours or a for a full day.


What sort of range do the batteries have?

Depending on how they are ridden anything from 30-45 miles. Easily enough for a great day out.


Are Dartmoor Electric Bicycles fully coverd by insurance?