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New and Used Bikes

Often customers enquire about purchasing an e bike. Sometimes it's a general question, and sometimes it's specific to the bike they have been riding with us. As a result of the interest shown we have set up four options.  

1. To point people in the direction of reputable dealer.
2. To purchase a new bike from us (we keep 3/4 in stock at all times).
3. To purchase the bike they have ridden and enjoyed.
4. To purchase one of the current season's bikes in our autumn sale.
We currently use Swiss Flyers and Gepida's. These bikes are 'top end', and offer us reliability, durability, comfort and great build quality - aspects which are extremely important to us. 
New Bikes
The new bikes we hold are supplied by Nationwide Electric of Taunton. We sell them at the same price. If you visit their showroom you will see their complete range, but if you want to save yourself 100 mile round trip and time then contact us. If you interested in purchasing a new Gepida (Touring or Off Road)  then please contact Sean Banbury at seanbanbury@gmail.com or sean@mendmybicyle.com.
Ride and Buy  .
If you hire from us or come on a tour and fall for the bike you have used then make us an offer! Often we will be able to work something out pretty quickly as long as it doesn't diminish our fleet.
End of season sale
During October we review the season gone and decide which bikes from the current year's fleet we will sell. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a top of the range e bike at a good second hand price. These bikes will have been meticulously maintained, and will carry a one year warranty.

Retailing on the shop floor, new bikes cost from £1875 - £2300; our second hand range will vary from £1200 - £1600, constituting an amazing opportunity to purchase a beautifully maintained top of the range electric bike at a fantastic price. All bikes are 36 v, will carry a one year warranty, and have been selected on account of their comfort, reliability and durability. 

Subject to viewing, the bikes  can be reserved on a first come first serve basis, and after a full and thorough service will be ready for delivery in early November.
Please fee free to contact Luke on 01364 631292 or 07908632158 to discuss the bikes or make an appointment to view and ride them.
You may also find our FAQ section useful, follow the link HERE.